Oxygen Module
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✧ Adopt PSA technology to produce oxygen, the oxygen concentration is stable and reach to above 90%.

✧ Innovative cooling technology to ensure 24/7/365 operation.

✧ Low power consumption, energy and electricity saving.

✧ The integrated modular oxygen production system can supporting large-scale ozone generator supporting oxygen source.

✧ Longfian 1-10L oxygen module,can meet your different needs.


Oxygen Module
Flow Rate 0.5-2L/min; 0.5-5L/min; 0.5-10L/min
Oxygen Concentration 93% (±3%)
Outlet Pressure 6-10PSI(0.04-0.07mpa);Optional :10-30PSI
Input Frequency 50Hz ; 60 Hz
Input Voltage AC 230V ± 10%;AC 110V ±10%


✧ As oxygen source for ozone generator, ozone is a powerful disinfectant and bleach with the advantage that it does not leave chemical residues, and is less harmful to people and the environment. Therefore, ozone is often used in the prevention and control of diseases and pests in agricultural, the disinfection of fishing boats, swimming pools, etc., the washing and disinfection of clothes in industrial laundry, etc.

✧ As oxygen source for HBOT

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