Oxygen Sensor
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Oxygen Sensor JAY-110A



✧ Oxygen sensor is aimed for oxygen concentration and flow rate monitor;

✧ It adopts ultrasonic technology with high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, rapid response, and long service life features.


Flow Resolution 0.1L/min  Weight  25g
Max Pressure 150Kpa Size (mm) 120.5(L)*22(W)*22(H)
Power DC5V-12V Max Flow 10LPM
Flow Detection Accuracy ±2%L/min or readings 5% (MAX)
LED Indicator

Red: oxygen purity<82%

Blue: oxygen purity≥82%

Yellow: flow rate<0.5L/min

Purity Detection Accuracy ±2%L FS@ (5-55)℃
Output UART port support purity and flow signal output


✧ Designed to measure oxygen concentration and flow rate of oxygen concentrator

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