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Ozone Generator



✧ Adopt PSA technology to produce oxygen, the oxygen concentration is stable and reach to above 90%;

✧ Specially-selected dehumidification device, resistant to humidity in industrial applications, and delays aging time;

✧ The oxygen source increases the ozone outlet concentration by 8-10 times, greatly improves the ozone sterilization or oxidation ability, and increases the ozone output by 3-5 times;

✧The integrated modular oxygen production system can be used for supporting large-scale ozone generator supporting oxygen source.


Ozone Generator
Ozone Output 8-28g/h Net Weight 41Kgs; 45Kgs; 48Kgs
Gas Flow 3.0-8.0L/min Output Connection 24h/day
High Ozone Concentration ≥ 58mg/L Input Frequency 50Hz ; 60 Hz
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃ Input Voltage AC230V ± 10%;AC110V ±10% 
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃


✧ Ozonation destroys odors, and disinfects air, water, and other materials;

✧ High-quality, industry leading ozone generators for water treatment.Ozone is the most power oxidation tools water treatment have for purification and disinfection;

✧ It is a powerful disinfectant and bleach with the advantage that it does not leave chemical residues;

✧ It is less harmful to people and the environment;

✧ It can increase the respiration of aerobic microorganisms in the water;

✧ It can prevent the reproduction of anaerobic microorganisms. 

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