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✧ The raw material for oxygen production is air, no auxiliary materials are needed, no pollution, and low cost;

✧ Simple operation, easy maintenance, safe and reliable;

✧ Oxygen production is convenient and rapid, outlet pressure is stable, and the oxygen flow can be adjusted;

✧ Improve water quality and reduce diseases, which can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and avoid anaerobic fermentation,

    thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of fish diseases. Greatly promote the growth and reproduction of fish.


Flow Rate 1-20L/min;  Net weight 118Kgs; 
Oxygen Concentration 93% (±3%)  Power Consumption   ≤2200W;
Outlet Pressure 20-60PSI Input Frequency 50 Hz; 60 Hz
Sound Level ≤60dB  Input Voltage AC 230V ± 10%;AC 110V ±10% 

1. Power failure alarm;

2. High and low pressure alarm;

3. Low oxygen concentration alarm:

   When oxygen purity is >82%, blue light illuminate;

   When oxygen purity is <82%, red light illuminate, indicating low purity;


✧ In aquaculture,oxygen is diffused into water to increase stocking density and production yields.Consistently higher dissolved oxygen levels result in lower mortality and higher food conversion rates,minimized fish mortality from decreased diseased disease rates and fish stress,pumping cost saving due to reduce water re-circulation.

✧ Fish farming: Aquaculture oxygen concentrators are commonly used in fish farms to maintain proper oxygen levels in the water. This can help improve fish growth rates and reduce mortality rates due to oxygen depletion.

✧ Shrimp farming: Shrimp require high levels of oxygen in the water, especially during times of stress such as transportation or when they are molting. Aquaculture oxygen concentrators can help maintain adequate oxygen levels and improve growth and survival rates.

✧ Research: Aquaculture oxygen concentrators can also be used in research settings to control and regulate oxygen levels in aquatic environments for experiments and studies.

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