100L Hypoxic Generator
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100L Hypoxic Generator JAY-10H



✧ Hypoxic purity 9%-20.9% to simulate different altitudes;

✧ With both hypoxic outlet and oxygen outlet for different demands;

✧ Countinuous operation 24/7;


Hypoxic Flow 100LPM Hypoxic Concentration 9%-20.9%
Oxygen Concentration 93% (±3%)  Power Consumption ≤550W
Simulated Altitude 0-6500M(0-21330ft) Input Frequency 50Hz ; 60 Hz
Optional Function 1. Pulse Oximeter; 2. Monitor system Input Voltage AC230V ± 10%;AC110V ±10% 
Application Suitable for use at home, GYM or sports training center;
Optional Accessories Fingertip pulse oximeter, tubing & mask & reservoir bag, sleeping canopy, altitude tent


✧ For sports center / gym / home: improve athletes performance;

✧ For mountaineers: adapt to high altitude environment, relieve altitude sickness;

✧ Survival training for high altitude environment;

✧ For health care and medical: adjuvant therapy for diabetes, asthma, lung illnesses , heart and vascular diseases, spinal cord and other injuries.

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