Glass Blowing
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IND-5 IND-8 IND-10

IND-5 ; IND-8 ; IND-10
Flow Rate 0.5--5L/min; 1-8L/min ; 1-10L/min Net weight 26Kgs ; 27Kgs
Oxygen Concentration 93% (±3%)  Power Consumption ≤ 550W ; ≤880W
Outlet Pressure 6-10 PSI (0.04-0.07 Mpa) Input Frequency 50Hz ; 60 Hz
Sound Level ≤ 50dB  Input Voltage AC 230V ± 10% ; AC 110V ±10% 

1. Power failure alarm;

2. High and low pressure alarm;

3. Low oxygen purity alarm:

   When oxygen purity is >82%, blue light illuminate;

   When oxygen purity is <82%, red light illuminate, indicating low purity;

4. Low flow alarm

✧ Using glass as the main material. Melting the heated rods with oxygen and liquefied gas in a short time. To shape out different kinds of glass via small


✧ Oxygen concentrator provides the oxygen which is no pollution and low cost during shaping the glass;

✧ Outlet pressure is stable and convenient. The flow rate is regulated.

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