Beauty Oxygen Concentrator
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5L 10L Oxygen Concentrator

5L ; 10L Oxygen Concentrator
Flow Rate 5L/min ; 10L/min Net weight 18Kgs ; 27Kgs
Oxygen Concentration 93% (±3%)  Power Consumption ≤ 550W ; ≤ 880W
Outlet Pressure 6-10 PSI (0.04-0.07 Mpa) Input Frequency 50Hz ; 60 Hz
Sound Level ≤ 40dB ; ≤ 50dB  Input Voltage AC230V ± 10% ;AC110V ±10% 

✧ Adopt PSA oxygen production principle to provide oxygen conveniently and quickly,no pollution, and low cost;

✧ Effectively combined with the beauty gun, the three functions of oxygen inhalation, oxygen injection and atomized oxygen spray are integrated;

✧ The outlet pressure of oxygen is stable, which improves the effective utilization rate of cosmetics.


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