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Operating Voltage (V) DC 9V  Weight (g) 205g (without battery)
Operating Temperature (℃) 5℃~55℃ Dimension (mm) 185*80*31mm
Storage Temperature (℃) -5℃~65℃ Relative Humidity 5%~85%RH
Flow Detection range 1-10 L/min
Flow Detection Accuracy ±0.2 L/min
Oxygen Concentration Detection Range(V/V) 21.0% -- 96.0 %
Oxygen Concentration Detection Accuracy(V/V) ± 2%
Pressure Detection Range 1-60 Psi
Pressure Detection Accuracy ±1 Psi

✧ The measurement theory of oxygen concentration is mainly to adopt ultrasonic technology to detect the oxygen concentration;

✧ This analyzer is used for measuring oxygen purity,oxygen flow rate and gas pressure to the PSA oxygen concentrator;

✧ It has the characteristics of high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, rapid response;

✧ The pressure test adopts imported modules with high accuracy;

✧ The life is long and no need for regular calibrate; 

✧ It adopts alkaline 9V laminated battery for easy replacement. The battery model can be 6LR61 or 6LF22.

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